PC: Tim Barber

You were never long in your goodbyes little cousin. But just this once I wish you could have lingered. If my heart is made of only a few small pieces, you have left it with fewer still. And now the only thing that remains of you lies buried in the clouded corners of my sleep where the past hangs heavy. Remember the way we used to play barefoot in the summer rain, and catch tiny green frogs in a tiny green village by the woods? Remember swimming with smallest silver fish in the coldest river? Remember the daisy field you said was your favorite place in the world, and how it took our rusty bikes half a day to get there? Some memories are the happiest of miseries. I never got to say goodbye. So goodbye little brother. Goodbye. I hope they have daisy fields in heaven.


  1. So poignant and ethereal! I simply love your blog, it has never ceased to amaze me.

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