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You got curious, so you reached deep down. You ventured into the heart of your own darkness with the hope of lighting a flame and truly seeing, for the first time, who you really are. You thought you could claim the shadows and come back shaken, but stronger than before. You never considered that the shadows may claim you. When I saw you again your eyes were hollow and luminescent like Japanese lanterns. You said you were enlightened, but I could see that you were merely blind to the darkness that still lingers beyond the lights. You were overcome with the light. High on it. Your glowing eyes made you lose sight of the dark islands of pain in the people around you. How could you fail to see that even the sun cannot shine without casting a shadow?


  1. these photographs portray exactly how my day looked like so far!!
    thank you for your comment! I actually don't think it's sad that you don't have a christmas tree. I just love christmas a lot so I had to have one ^^
    Have a great day!

  2. Beautifully written as always! I've checked out your photography website! You take amazing pictures! I think it would be awesome if we do a photoshoot together! Someday definitely :-) xooxooxxoxoxo

  3. so beautifully creative ♥

    trade links?

  4. wow beautiful photography hmm :) keep doing gud work :)