PC: Martina Hoogland Ivanow

Open. Close. Your eyes are clouded with the things you haven't left behind. You blink and in that instant everything changes. What happened? You watch life move around you, and it is a story projected to you by your heart. It is your heart, not your eyes, that decides to see the softness in the fallen snow rather than the dead leaves and rotting flowers underneath. Open. Close. What do you see? Life is neither darkness nor light and in everything that's beautiful there is also foul. And yet, when your heart weighs heavily on your eyes and the stories they whisper back to it are tragedies painted gray, your heart will paint the whole world gray. In the sudden sweep of sadness all the colors are washed away and you become a stranger to the world; a color-blind projector of your broken heart. Do you see? The world is waiting just beyond your sorrow. Open. Close.


  1. just came across your blog - i love your writing, combined with the images. just beautiful xx