PC: Bruno Ripoche

I always thought that reaching my dreams would feel like winning the lottery. I imagined running, arms-flailing down the street shouting my happiness. But no. Dreams are hard work. It means cereal dinners, 15 hour work days and $0 pay cheques. It means wearing the same three pairs of shoes year after year (even though you've worn the soles in). It's not having a cell phone or a social life. It's accepting that you are going to be very lost for a while, with wolves trailing not too far behind. So when the moment that I've been dreaming of for years finally came, I didn't run or scream or flail my arms as I had expected. I sat back, sighed a sigh of relief, and went out to buy myself some new shoes.


  1. It's sad but true dreaming means living uncomfortably for a while.. but it's totally worth it.

    and side note.. the pics above are very amazing.. remind me of a Gucci Ad

  2. Love the pictures and I still think that reaching my dreams will feel like winning the lottery, it's probably naive of me to think that, but everyone deserves a little dreaming. Btw, nice blog! :)

  3. It's attempting to do something that no one has done before and all others thought impossible.

    ps. great photos!