PC: Ann He

Sometimes there are no good reasons for why things happen. I'm scared that one day for no good reason I will simply fall out of love. I will wake up and look into the cupboard where I keep my heart, and find that love has flown away...or worse, that it has been eaten by a fox. We stumble, you and I: falling into love, falling into friendship, falling into that job you never dreamed you'd have. Then, when the wind turns suddenly, for no good reason we simply stumble out of love, friendship and that little job you never really wanted to begin with. Why does the wind turn? Perhaps because one rainy autumn day you chose to go right when you should have gone left. Perhaps you chose to lay back and watch the clouds pass when you should have been running after something. Perhaps our hearts were not made to be constant, but to shatter over and over again in order to recreate themselves the way butterflies do.