PC: Signe Vilstrup

ME: I'll figure this out as soon as someone tells me which way I'm supposed to be going.
MY HEART: You will never find such a someone, and the longer you look the longer you go nowhere.
ME: But there has always been a map. Someone has always been there tell me what comes next.
MY HEART: And now you've stepped beyond the confines of the sand-box...
ME: I'm scared and want to go back. I don't like it out here.
MY HEART: But out here is where your dreams come true. You are afraid because you realize that you alone get to decide who you become. You don't need a map, you can guide yourself.
ME: So why do I feel so lost?
MY HEART: Because you are scared that the road you have chosen in your heart is the wrong one. Only there is no wrong road. Which ever way you go you will end up where you wanted. You have your dreams, now go follow the yellow brick road.


  1. Wow. I have debates like these all the time. I hear my heart's advice. I just don't know if I accept it or if I even know how to accept it. I wish I could understand.

  2. i love your debate - its so honest and true:)
    an dthese pics are so great love the quirky attitude

  3. Powerful & filthy rich in desperate love

    Beautiful blog.

    xx A xx

  4. love the photos :D
    and indeedy. have this debate aaall the time :D
    great blog though!
    stop by some time xx

  5. Yes, yes, the heart is knowing creature, we must listen to it's intimate wisdom!

    Hope you are well, dear, be brave! ♥


  6. i love those pictures <3 great blog.

  7. hey, i love your blog! just saying :)