PC: Zackery Michael

You wait for the light - that moment of perfect clarity when all reasons become obvious. All those things you've always wanted to do suddenly fold before you like paper planes and carry you beyond the clouds where the sky is bluest. You wait and you wait, believing that patience is your greatest obstacle. You are sure that beyond the storm clouds lies a path heavily marked with colorful sign posts pointing the way to your happiness. Like you, it waits for that perfect moment to show you the way. But life promises no tomorrows, and existence is truly only marked by each consecutive heart-beat. There is no path beyond the storm. The path is the storm, and one day tomorrow may never arrive. Rest in peace Alexander McQueen.


  1. Beautiful.

    He was a talented, famous, respected man. You'd think happiness would follow him, but when it boils down to it, happiness is what we make with our lives.

    Thanks so much for following me lovely, your blog is amazing.