PC: Paul Rowland

He waited for a reason. Any reason. But it was an island he couldn't reach. Life just was...undefinable. He was a drifting shadow on a grain of salt orbiting a burning match in a vastness he couldn't bear to imagine. It was really all a dream and when only when he'd die would he wake up and know the reason. All his life he had wanted to be Caesar because just being himself never seemed enough. It never occurred to him that had he attained his greatest dream - had he become Caesar, he would still be the same quiet lonely kid he had always been, and given this fact, would probably be wildly disappointed with the position.


  1. still have a few of these saved from forever ago.. still love it. So simple and beautiful

  2. yep...our greatest dreams are often disappointing.......
    your writting always envolves me and surprises me
    thank you for sharing