PC: Rengim Mutevellioglu

She spun and she spun, shifting from one room to the next, from one city to another - she was little more than a faint dash of light in her family photos and to her friends she was always light years away. she could not sit still. And if by some quiet magic she fell rooted to a single place, her hands shook and she chewed on her finger-nails until they hurt. There was no stillness for her. When life failed to distract her, she failed to want to live it.


  1. Beautiful and sad. I like it a lot!

  2. haha yes! ur right about that. the shoes in my sketch are definitely for women. lol no way they are for men.

    they do have a masculine edge though... and that's womens fashion at the moment - a mix of femininity and masculinity.

    thanks for your comment :)

    have a great weekend!


  3. These pictures are beautiful! I love the whimsical edge to all of them. :)


  4. thanks for stopping by my blog :D - and speaking of effortless, those selection are the effortless at its most, xoxo

  5. life's distractions ... well, they sorta make life palatable, I'd say ... as long as i am still feeling or aware that i am not feeling if that be the case ... then it is all okay. your writing is haunting ... the best kind of writing ... thank you. i hope to continue to read such and will, when google returns to functioning, become a friend.