PC: Magdalena Kmiecik

The shelf is tall and the aisle is long, and I, small and insignificant, sit lost to myself among the objects there. I am a product. I am a manufactured decision put on the shelf for you to choose - or not choose - as you wish. Will you choose me? Am I worth the price? Will you be my friend? Lover? Employer? Teacher? Or will I be redesigned and repackaged to suit your needs? Reach into the bag and pull out a suitable handful of characteristics. A new sense of humour, a new political stance, new likes and dislikes. A new me among a million new yous put on the shelf along the endless aisle, where nothing but the system remains permanent. Personality is a process - the bastard chunks left on your plate which you are bound to wash away or discard.


  1. Sometimes it´s not easy at all to distinguish which one is which.
    (do not stop writting)

  2. Sometimes life can be a little depressing and overwhelming because there seems to be endless need and pressure to stand out. Personality is definitely an everevolving process and that's why it's so fascinating to watch yourself grow! Another great piece from you! xxoxoxo

  3. wow. I really liked this...yes, do keep writing.

  4. I just discovered your blog. And I only can say:


    It blew me away. It's fantastic.

    Thanks a lot for collecting all these treasures.

  5. And getting taller and longer all the time. But hey, I like the Natalia Borecka line. Cool stuff.

    I like color shots of mostly white, too.

  6. Dear, you are such a superb writer! This entry of yours, especially resonates as true for us as often it is that we are more like products than human beings.

    Hope you are doing well! <3


  7. youre a superb writer, please carry on!

  8. this really touched me, thanks.