Photo Credit: Troy Moth and me, in my best tutu and lumber jack shirt.

I suddenly realized that the only difference between today and yesterday is that today I get to choose all over again. In fact, beyond calendars and clocks, the sole physical evidence that today is in any way different from the day before, and the day before that is the changes I suddenly find on my body: A wrinkle, or a scar. How else would I know that days are actually passing, and not just repeating themselves? – Everyday made new like a movie one rewinds to watch over again, only to find it a little different each time. If at every passing second of my existence I hadn’t been brought up with the ticking of clocks branded onto my brain I would think we were living in an eternal present.There is no reality beyond today.


  1. yeah, you do! :) where do you live now?

  2. LOVE toronto. love it. boston is a good choice for the u.s. though. but too cold for me!

  3. I love the pictures. The girl makes me want to buy tulle and make a skirt!

    And I love the words, very true.
    You have an awesome blog, I love the header!

  4. oh's the 1st time i hear it :-D

  5. Wow ... that's really deep, or maybe I've had too much to drink, either way, the whole concept of time is really thought provoking.


  6. lovely snaps, and i agree with above, very thought provoking.

  7. greta photos, what a talented photographer and model.

    and...your blog seriously rocks!


  8. beautiful shots. love the contrast of lumber jack shirt and tutu...wonderful :-)

    I have to say, it's awfully refreshing finding a fashion blogger that's a legitimately good writer, it makes me extremely happy. hehe.

  9. gorgeous photos, and i absolutely adore your writing. fantastic blog!

    also, your masthead is gorgeous.

  10. beautiful photos, lovely blog :>>>

  11. that's what i think about a lot too. who says time exists? its just chaining us to a treadmill of something that controls us and limits us. life should not be controlled and limited. it should be just go-with-the-flow. that would be lovely. but a bit chaotic, i must admit :)

    oh my, your photographs are so beautiful

  12. The first one is so haunting.. I love it. Both look like they're stills from a film. Beautiful! There's just something about b&w + night time that works so wonderfully together.


  13. Outstanding Blog!!

    i love the photos!
    are you a novelist?? if you still not but u have written some "books" "novels" "stories" i would like to read them!!

    i love reading, i have friends who writte in their spare time and i support them to continue doing it as i support you cause books, reading is something that i value a lot, makes you being creative, increase your imagination, spend good time .. etc etc

    See u!!


  14. oh my my, I love these photos super much. x

  15. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a message. I very much enjoyed your blog.
    I hope to see you soon.

  16. reeeeally nice pictures.
    SOS-er fi xx

  17. beautiful photos, that first one has some what blown my mind.

    Have a happy Easter :))

    jess S//hippiefroufrou