Photo Credit: Patrick Demarchelier "Broken Dolls"

You’ve lived in the same place for so long, always visiting the same places, with the same people. You’re a potted tulip - you grow, your roots expand, you need to be replanted. Completely replanted. You meet with your friends for coffee only because you have to get out of the house. You’re struck by how strange and unfamiliar they seem. Paper masks with hand scribbled expressions like thought bubbles sketched on thin torn surfaces. Everything sounds rehearsed. Or is it because you’ve had this conversation before? The same conversation, in the same places, with the same people. But you are not the same flower you once were. You’ve grown – your roots have stretched beyond this familiar circle.


  1. hey! thanks for your insight on my blog. really appreciate it :) you have a great blog here, i'm excited to read through your past posts!!
    x bisous

  2. This is beautiful.
    Reading this over; this is me, this is my life exactly.
    Thank you.