Si Seignior

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Seignior Pinto got up this morning happy as a spring-time flower. He was going to visit Joanna (sweet Joanna) who lived just down the street. She was famous (at least in his heart) for her spicy pancakes topped with strawberries. He never failed to notice how much they looked like hearts, and this made him giddy. Joanna was not one for ceremony, and she was rarely (if ever) impressed. But poor Seignior Pinto made quite an impression on her that morning. In all his hurry and excitement he forgot to put his pants on. "Pinto, how do you come into my house?" she asked calmly. Seignior Pinto, being a man of great sensitivity, intuitively understood the imbalance he presented. Without hesitation he flung off his shirt (so that at the very least top would match bottom) and picked up Joanna's rusty old accordion and began to sing. She thought him awfully gallant, and gave him twice the usual amount of strawberries.

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